Prague Food Diary Week 8: Sicily

Here it is! This post is going to be different than my other posts, simply because 1. I don’t remember the names of the restaurants  (I know I suck) and 2. I ate a lot of similar food over and over again.

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Sorrysorrysorry, I have a test tomorrow that I am “studying” for, but my Italy post will be up tomorrow if it kills me!



Hello friends, sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I have been in the midst of midterms. This Sunday I will be back to regular posting. I am going to be in London and Sicily in the next coming week so I will have a lot to share!

Thank you for being patient with me, and I will certainly be posting yummy food pictures very soon, don’t you worry!!


Prague Food Diary 6: Brunch!

Again, I am apologizing for posting so late. I don’t have a good excuse, but I will try to be better!!! (no promises). Last week I went to a ton of brunch places, as well as regular delicious food! I also went to the town of Plzen and toured the Pilsner Urquell brewery which was awesome and the beer was divine!

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Prague Food Diary 4: Budapest Edition

This weekend I went to the amazingly beautiful and enchanting city of Budapest and fell in love. The history is extremely rich, the people are charmingly nice, and the food is simple and delicious.

I have also developed a taste for paprika, and now require it on everything I own. I bought myself some Hungarian paprika to take back to the states but I am not sure it will make it back without me eating most of it. Read More

Prague Food Diary Week 2: I cooked for myself and forgot to take pictures

After a week of eating at every possible place I could, I realized that my funds would begin to run out pretty quickly if I continued to eat like the queen that I am. So my roommates and I decided that we should start cooking on our own. Unfortunately that meant a lot of aesthetically unappealing meals, pasta with butter, and eggs for every hour of the day. I do have a few pictures of the places I did end up eating at, which were beyond delicious:
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