4th of July/ Summer BBQ Season!

Hey Friends!

I have spent the past month making summer recipes and working at camp!
For the 4th of July my family and I went camping in New Hampshire and we feasted like crazy! I made a really easy tart, and you can find the recipe here:

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Fourth of July weekend!

Hey friends! One of my favorite food holidays (4th of July) is coming up which means I’ll have some fun patriotic foods for ya! 

Of course I’ll have the classic hamburgers and hotdogs, but since dessert is my favorite part of the day, I promise there will be some kind of cake/tart to celebrate!

Let me know how you’ll be celebrating and if you have any recipes I should try!!!

Home Sweet Home

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but between my phone exploding, impromptu camping trips, and my summer job as a camp counselor starting, I’ve been really busy but I PROMISE things will start to go much smoother.

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Howdy gang. I FINALLY got my phone fixed so my final Prague post and some more updates on what I will be posting now that I’m back in the states will be up either tonight or tomorrow


My phone finally decided to give up its long fight. I don’t have any access to my pictures which I had taken for a last Prague post, but once I get it fixed that post will happen! I fly home tomorrow!!

Prague Food Diary Week 11&12: Oldies but goodies

These past two weeks I’ve been in the beautiful city of Prague and have been enjoying myself immensely!

I am going to miss this city so much and I can’t believe I’m coming home in 2 weeks!

I have eaten at a lot of places I have already posted about, but with some new additions, or I went to places that I cannot believe I haven’t posted about because I literally go there every day!

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Update 2.0

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m trying to write this post on my cracked iPhone and the WordPress app is misbehaving. Tomorrow I’ll have better access to my computer and I’ll finish it then. Here’s a picture of an Irish farm kitty 



I know I know I’m bad at this weekly thing. But I promise tomorrow you will get my Ireland, Croatia, AND Vienna post all in one!!! 

But for now here’s a picture of some cute Croatian cats to hold you over: