Prague Food Diary Week 11&12: Oldies but goodies

These past two weeks I’ve been in the beautiful city of Prague and have been enjoying myself immensely!

I am going to miss this city so much and I can’t believe I’m coming home in 2 weeks!

I have eaten at a lot of places I have already posted about, but with some new additions, or I went to places that I cannot believe I haven’t posted about because I literally go there every day!

U Kurelu


My roommates and I found this pub a while back when we were desperately craving an American meal and we were not disappointed. Their cocktails are cheap and delicious, the food is dangerously fattening, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Pictured above is U Kurelu’s famous “disco fries” which is literally potato wedges covered in turkey gravy and cheese. You cannot go wrong. They’re so dang good.

The Coffee Room

FullSizeRender 24.jpg

I posted about the Coffee Room in my first blog post, and I literally have been there every week for breakfast since. I am obsessed with that avocado toast and I will miss it so friggin much! I’m already sad about it.

More Czech Food


I know I haven’t posted about Czech food in a while, and technically beef stroganoff isn’t Czech, but I got it at a Czech restaurant and they clearly tried to put their own spin on it. It was heavy, as most Czech food is, but its hard to go wrong with french fries, beef and sauce so in this case it was a slam dunk.


FullSizeRender 25.jpg

I haven’t posted about desserts in a while, which is sad because dessert is my favorite part of the meal, but I was recently walking through Namesti Miru and saw Vanille and got an immediate craving for ice cream. I ordered caramel and vanilla ice cream and it was just as delicious as it looks. It was perfect for a sunny day in Prague and super cheap! What more can you ask for?



My roommates and I have been going to Zanzibar on and off for weeks so I thought it warranted another post. This time I got a cheeseburger, and although Europe is just bad at making burgers, this was a fantastic attempt. My only complaint, and its the reason why American burgers are better, is that they don’t stay together. I always have to end up eating it with a knife and fork because everything just falls off. But it was good, so if you want a decent burger, go here.

Las Adelitas


Europe is no where near Mexico. I know, its crazy, but true. That being said, Las Adelitas has some darn good nachos. Their sour cream is a little funky, but as long as you focus on the nachos without any extra stuff you’re set. They also have half price margs on Wednesdays so I cannot complain.



Prague does not have good pizza. There, I said it. For some reason, among all the stuff they do right, pizza is not one of them. But there are a few places where you can get decent pizza if your really craving it. Grossetto is one of these places. The biggest issue with pizza in Prague is that they have no idea how to make it crispy. All the pizza’s I’ve had are soggy and floppy, but this pizza was the least soggy/floppy.


And that was my past two weeks! I only have two more to go and am super sad/denying all of it, but its true! But I plan to eat my way through the time I have left!!



One comment

  1. Jeen · May 8, 2016

    I’ve loved your food commentaries and pictures which make me feel like I can touch the steam from the food on my face. Although you are saying goodbye to Eastern Europe…there are a host of eating establishments wherever you may go that I look forward to hearing about and visitingπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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