Prague Food Diary Week 10: Springfest

This past weekend I went to Munich for Springfest! For those of you who don’t know, Springfest is essentially the Spring version of Oktoberfest. There is a huge fairground, multiple beer gardens, rides and lederhosen at every turn.

My friends and I got an Airbnb just outside of the city center, donned our Dirndl’s, and spent 2 full days on the Springfest fairground. We really didn’t eat that much (more room for beer!) but we did spend the majority of our time at 2 different restaurants that single handedly got us through the weekend.

Gyoza Bar:


Look at all that gyoza. This was 12 gyoza’s for about 6 euros and man were they good. I was a tad disappointed when, after I scarfed all 12 down in seconds, that I wasn’t as full as I would’ve liked to be. But that my just be because I have a giant pit in place of my stomach

Mr. Pancake



This place was a life saver. I think my friends and I owe the entire weekend to Mr. Pancake. It is a family run restaurant, with only two people working in the whole restaurant,. They serve a variety of “pancakes” from around the world The first picture is a “Finland” which was a crepe type breakfast with ice cream and fruit. How could that not be delicious??? The second picture is the “ham and cheese” pancake which was essentially a giant pizza and it was fabulous.

Here are some pictures of Springfest!


The masses


Dirndls for days


One liter of beer

And that was essentially trip to Munich! Sorry it was so short, but we honestly just didn’t eat at to many places since we were at Springfest for most of the time!

This weekend I will FINALLY be back in Prague and am hoping to try some new and exciting places!!!

As always I accept any and all suggestions!



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