Prague Food Diary 6: Brunch!

Again, I am apologizing for posting so late. I don’t have a good excuse, but I will try to be better!!! (no promises). Last week I went to a ton of brunch places, as well as regular delicious food! I also went to the town of Plzen and toured the Pilsner Urquell brewery which was awesome and the beer was divine!

Martha’s Kitchen


I started off the week at this adorable brunch/cafe near Namesti Miru, the main square near my dorm. I ordered a “french” breakfast and this is what they gave me. It was freaking delicious and I am still thinking about it. I don’t know exactly what cheeses they gave me, but one of them was goat cheese and that is my favorite so I was set. The jam was homemade and the croissant was perfectly buttery and flaky.

I also have never had a soft boiled egg before, let alone one presented to me in an egg cup. My roommate Gabby described this place perfectly by saying that the cafe looked “as if Taylor Swift had a restaurant”.




This brunch was a bit different, but still delicious. Everything was separate on the menu and you just ordered a bunch of what you wanted. I got farmers sausages and eggs. The scrambled eggs were a little too creamy for my liking, but I still ate the whole thing so it was a minor issue. I loved how they cut up the croissant and put it around the eggs.

Monolok’s decor was super modern and has all these metal art pieces on the wall, its pretty cool. I also had this lemon tart there on a separate occasion:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

It tasted as good as it looks.

The Tavern

IMG_7340 2.JPG

I apologize for the really terrible picture quality, but this place was just not very well lit. One of my roommates professors recommended this place if you wanted good american burgers, which we did. I ordered the swiss, mushroom and onion burger and it satisfied all my burger needs, despite the fact that the mushrooms were super salty. Again I still ate it all so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

San Carlo

IMG_7362 3.JPG

So the blog “take of prague” advertised this place as some of the best pizza in the Czech Republic, and being from the east coast, I was jones-ing for some good pizza.

And damn was it good. I normally hate when people eat their pizza with a knife and fork, because why would you do that, but there was no way to eat this pizza without it so yeah.

For dessert I had panna cotta

IMG_7363 3.JPG

Honestly, the whole strawberry syrup thing was really weird and very artificial, and I have no idea what fruit that is on top of it. If you do go to San Carlo, just skip dessert.



IMG_7388 2.JPG

The outside of the Pilsner Brewery


The inside of the Brewery

For dinner we went to a traditional Czech restaurant and had some good ole Czech food. I didn’t order goulash this time, but what I did order was essentially goulash lite. It was beef in a cream sauce and knedlicky, which is the Czech “dumpling” but its not really a dumpling at all. This Czech dish was delicious, and it also had cranberries, which were a nice touch!

FullSizeRender 3.jpg


And that was my week! I am also in Prague this week so I am so excited to see what more it has to offer!!!!

As always, if you have any food suggestions please let me know!!



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