Prague Food Diary 5: Zurich

Hey Guys! Sorry this is so late, my dorm was having wifi issues and then last night I was working on publishing a webzine I work for which should be out in the next coming days, check out PragueWandering if you get a chance!!!

This past weekend I went to Zurich, Switzerland and let me tell you, I have never been to a more amazing place before in my whole life. I have also never been to a more expensive place in my whole life. I paid $20 for McDonalds. I cried a little bit when I was at the cash register.

That being said I highly recommend EVERYONE going to Zurich once in their life if they have the means to. The food is incredible, the people are stupidly nice and attractive, and the scenery is unparalleled by anything I have ever seen.



This is the first place we went to after our 10 hour bus ride from Prague to Zurich. We were all STARVING. I ordered spaghetti carbonara because screw my lactose intolerance this was DELICIOUS. Although I know that real carbonara isn’t supposed to be creamy, I honestly was not mad at all. The noodles were perfectly al dente, the ham was salty, and my belly was full.

Hiltl- The worlds oldest vegetarian restaurant


This was a $12 bellini. It tasted like a $12 bellini. I ordered two.


We went to Zurich for my friend Emily’s birthday, and she is a vegetarian. I did some Zurich pinteresting, and found out that the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world is in Zurich, so thats where we went. This place was insane. there were 3 floors, a club attached, and a ‘vegetarian butcher’ which was hilarious. You could either order the buffet and have your pick of all the food they had, or order an actual meal, which was what we all did.

I ordered the vegetarian chicken cordon blue and it was one of the best foods I have ever eaten. The cheese inside was so perfectly melty and gooey and the outside was perfectly crunchy. I don’t know how they made this, but it was beyond my expectations.

Zurich view from the Lindenhof


Yeah its beautiful.

Amazing Italian place of which I cannot remember the name.


I wish I could remember the name of this restaurant so I could give them credit where credit is due, but if you cannot already tell by the photos how amazing the food was the food was some of the best risotto and lemon tarts that I have EVER eaten.

And the wine was good too.


This weekend I will be staying in the Czech Republic!!! Finally!!!

As always please let me know if you have any suggestions on restaurants!



  1. The Wild Wayfarer · March 3, 2016

    Food looks amazing!!

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